Objectives Policy

Board Objectives Policy
June 12, 2013

Agency Objectives, Goals and Actions

All agency objectives must reasonably reflect the agency’s vision and mission as outlined on the Vision-Mission statement below. The agency objectives set out in the Vision-Mission statements are derived from input from consumers of service and other stakeholders through surveys, meetings, government funding directives and other feedback. The agency objectives must also be consistent with the “Objectives of Association” as stipulated in the agency Charter or Constitution.

The Objectives Policy and Governance Policy of the Board provide a framework to refine and flesh out short and long term goals for the agency; and within these same policies it sets out process for Board and Management around implementation. These policies set direction and provide guidance to successive Boards to enhance sound agency practices and the agency Mission generally.

The Board Governance Policy includes a Board job description that details major responsibilities and objectives for the Board. These objectives in part are derived from the Board’s mandate to represent all stakeholders and in part from conventional wisdom around best practices in good governance.

Agency goals and objectives are further developed in more detail through the use of numerous accountability tools that help to monitor agency activities but also provide vital feedback from stakeholders.  Objectives or recommendations for change that flow from these feedback tools, become part of an agency Goals Management System (GMS). The GMS is simply a way to provide a consolidated view of agency objectives. The GMS gives the Board and Management an effective way to collect, monitor, evaluate, recommend and implement major objectives of the agency. GMS reports are reviewed routinely at Board and Management meetings. All of the above is graphically represented in the E3 Governance and Accountability flow chart.

This accountability framework establishes a process to guide the integrity and implementation effectiveness of Board and Management actions. It effectively ties together the members and consumers needs as expressed in the agency vision and mission with front line operational actions.

The Board takes responsibility for communicating the plans and goals of the agency to the membership. This is accomplished by making major documents like the GMS, strategic plans and annual reports directly and indirectly available to stakeholders through the agency web site as well as agency newsletters, consumer surveys, annual reports and parent meetings.

E3 exists to support both children and adults to enhance well-being, independence and personal growth within their families and larger communities. These goals are reflected within our Vision. Mission and Values Statement framework as follows:




- our primary service responsibilities are to support both adults and children in getting full value as participating citizens in the community. E3 embraces the principles of inclusiveness, integration, individualization and community acceptance

- that our success depends on meeting and anticipating individual and community needs

- that our activities will be personalized, family centered and designed to help people achieve their full potential

- it is vital to respect all people, provide them with choices and to promote the concepts of inclusion and community education

- we must work in partnership with the larger service system to pro-actively develop efficient, quality services

- that we must advocate for and on behalf of our clients and families to ensure they are afforded the services, support and respect needed for safe, healthy and happy living

- that staff must have a safe, respectful and fair working environment that promotes personal growth

- fiscal accountability and transparent procedures will be inherent business practices to ensure the integrity of our funding


E3 Community Services, values the uniqueness, dignity and worthiness of each individual we support. We believe that a healthy community only exists when the contributions, needs and aspirations of EVERY individual, no matter their differences, are recognized, acknowledged, utilized and appreciated.